“They’ve made it easier for us to communicate between our different locations.
We’ve had no problems. They are always available to answer questions.”

Venda Heflin, Standard Mortgage

“Razorline has helped our company by providing great equipment and
technical features at a substantially reduced cost.”

Jan Frankowski, Barkley and Thompson Law Firm

“The service is excellent. Very flexible and very responsive; they’ve been great to work with.” Lisa Robinson, Advance Pain Institute

“RazorLine has done a great job for our company. They have handled the service very well and I recommend them highly!”
James Bryan, Jr., Bryan Chevrolet

“I like the accessibility to support staff. There’s a personal level of support
that you don’t get from other companies.”

Mike Rainey, Calco Hotard

“When we moved locations, they took control of the whole telecommunication system and had it setup before we even got there. They’ve been a huge help to our company.”
John Williams, International Ship Holding Corp.

“They’ve been great! Better than I expected… respond every time we call with problems or questions. The difference is phenomenal.”
Sally Marold, Office of Robert Rebert D.D.S

“We like everything; the product, people, the work, the professionalism, the simplicity of the system. It was the best decision we’ve made in a long time as far as technology goes.”
James Massey, Citizen’s Bank

“RazorLine did an excellent job taking our company from an antiquated, hard line telephone set up to a state of the art communications system that has made our ability to communicate across all of our locations effortless and more powerful. They bested other providers after a lengthy and rigorous evaluation process. RazorLine’s employees were patient and gracious in explaining the features and benefits of RazorLine’s communications solution, a drastic change for a traditional, risk averse organization, making the transition painless. I know I personally am more empowered by the RazorLine solution as, given the variety of simple and meaningful ways to communicate, I reach out more than I otherwise would have and with more pinpoint and crisp communications for a more productive organization.”
David Darragh, Reily Foods

Some Razorline Clients

Advanced Pain Institute
Bryan Chevrolet
Citizens Savings Bank
Coastland Federal Credit Union
Dickie Brennan’s Restaurants
Gillis, Ellis & Baker
Greater New Orleans, Inc.
Holmes Building Materials
Calco-Hotard Group
International Ship Holding
Leidenheimer Baking Co
Louise S. McGehee School
Louisiana Department of Insurance
Ralph Brennan’s
Reily Foods
Retif Oil and Fuel
Southern Electronics
Southern Yacht Club
Standard Mortgage
Trinity Yachts