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Our leadership in Hosted services since 2003 provides you with the experience to achieve your goals in communications. The breadth in the types of companies we serve means we’ve created the solutions you may also be seeking including Contact Center and integration with Microsoft Teams. Multi-state companies utilize our network of dedicated fiber providers to achieve integrated voice and data services.

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Consolidate Your Current Communication Tools to One Solution Suite and Replace Your Business Phone with the Cloud

RazorLine has seen the continuation of incredible Unified Communication advancements through Microsoft Teams. The revolutionary aspect is its ability to replace your entire business phone system with a managed cloud service. Combining our Hosted VoIP system with the Teams network and its voice capability, called Phone System, enables business telephony capabilities from within Office 365. This feature enables employees to be much more productive for a lower expense.

You may already know that anyone in your organization using Microsoft Teams can make calls to any other team member using a Windows PC, Apple Mac/iPhone/iPad, or Google Android device running the Microsoft Teams app. Without a connection to ‘the outside world’ otherwise known as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), these VoIP calls can only be made within the company’s network. Most businesses use PBX hardware installed at an office location or use a trusted Hosted VoIP company like RazorLine to be connected to the PSTN.

Business Need and Impact

Adopting Teams as your Unified Communications system will increase user communications productivity by allowing every user to utilize the same tools for chat, video, team collaboration, meetings, video conferencing, and voice communications.

The process to communicate across multiple channels will be the same whether the user is at their desk, remote, or in a conference room. User adoption will increase via a concise repeatable training effort.

RazorLine recognized that our Managed Service Provider (MSP) friends were successfully implementing various layers of Microsoft O365 services including collaboration tools like Teams.  The use of the Phone System feature of Teams is a key element but has not been widely implemented as a replacement for traditional phone systems or VoIP providers.  Many of the same features are available from Microsoft, but it’s a ‘self-serve’ system and might be too time-consuming to master for a corporate setting.

Using Ribbon’s application server and SBCs (Session Border Controller), as well as Direct Routing to the Teams cloud, RazorLine can provide all of a company’s needed telephony tools as well as providing access to individuals via their Teams application.  The existing/incumbent/traditional phone system is no longer needed, while the communications system is greatly enhanced to include the secure chat, file sharing, and conferencing, as well as all voice services.

There is a wide array of devices to use as your ‘phone’.  There are regular desk phones as well as whatever device you use for Teams. The Polycom CCX 500 is beside and other devices are shown below.

How to Accomplish PSTN Access Component Within Teams

Teams is a pure cloud service and there are no on-premise Teams servers. Most of the Voice configurations must be performed in the O365 tenant using PowerShell. An E5 license enables the Phone system feature, yet E3 and E1 users can also be enabled via an add-on license.

There are only two ways in which Teams users can reach the PSTN: Microsoft Calling Plan or Direct Routing. Organizations can leverage Direct Routing through RazorLine’s Team8 to allow Teams users to make and receive PSTN calls using our Certified SBC. Teams will talk directly to RazorLine’s SBC to route calls to/from the PSTN. There are only a few Certified SBC vendors for Teams Direct Routing one of which is Ribbon. RazorLine is a Ribbon partner and leverages the expertise and experience in the organization.

RazorLine has a wide range of features for multi-office integration, call recording, efaxing, Active Directory connection, Call or Contact Center with popular CRM integration, automated attendants, and hunt groups among many others, all managed by our experienced and professional technical staff. By combining the user-friendliness of Microsoft Teams with the flexibility of ‘bring your own carrier’, RazorLine is continuing to lead.

For those companies pushing forward with some but not all employees utilizing Teams for communications, RazorLine offers companies the option to utilize both Teams and their current system (with limitations) under the same background operating system so that all users have click-to-call capability from any Teams client. The purpose is to satisfy those users eager to utilize new technology while not impeding the workflow of those users not quite ready for change. See flowchart below for a company with Hosted VoIP users as well as Teams users:

SIP Trunking to an existing premise-based VoIP system is also available to accomplish a similar result.

How to Get Started

You may think changing out a phone system isn’t worth the effort, but like many other endeavors, you’ll be glad you took it on. If you’re using Teams now, you just have to make sure you have an E1, E3, or E5 License. If you have an E5 you’re all set as far as the Microsoft side goes. If using an E1 or E3, you’ll have to get the Phone System license as an add-on. Pretty easy so far?

On the RazorLine side, you’ll have to share your current phone bills so we can start the process to discover all the phone numbers you have and how they’re used. We’ll use that information to port the numbers during the process to change your phone system.

We work with you to plan how you want calls answered and routed, and we do all the work to achieve that plan. If you want to change it once you go live, we’ll do that as many times as you want. There is some work to do in coordination with your IT department or MSP to route calls through the Teams cloud. We’ll help with that process and make sure the programming is complete.

You may incur a one-time charge for SBC access and licensing, as well as equipment you may want to use such as phones, headsets, and other devices for special needs. We support and provide both Poly CCX and Yealink phones. There are many models of headsets people use if you choose to use the app on one or more of your devices. Both Poly and Jabra have a huge selection at various price-points. We’ll provide a quote based on your needs.

We’ve always charged a per-user amount for our Hosted VoIP service and we’re continuing that model. Any Teams user can access the PSTN and all of our technical people for just $8 per month or 1/3 less that a Microsoft Calling Plan. We’re happy to quote for any VoIP or analog users separately that may be part of the overall design.

As always, there’s no charge to try it first.


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