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What is RazorLine?
RazorLine is “The Business Communication Pipeline.” We provide small and medium sized companies with faster and more efficient communications services with the most up-to-date technology. We eliminate the complexity of keeping up with each individual communications medium – local phone service, long-distance, email, voicemail, Internet, and website hosting – by offering a “bundle” of these services through ONE single, simple connection.
How is RazorLine different from other companies who offer “bundled” services?
We don’t just put all of your services onto one bill. All of your company’s communication tools function over the same transmission line, including phone services.
How is the transmission of a “bundled” service possible?
VoIP, “Voice over Internet Protocol” – the newest communications delivery method in the business world. It converts voice into data and therefore allows businesses to utilize a single connection to transmit and receive all forms of information. RazorLine uses this technology to offer local telephone and long distance services, email, voicemail, Internet, website hosting and online billing through a single transmission medium – one wire, one connection for all.
Is this the same as a PC Phone?
No. PC phones allow you to make “free” calls and are meant for residential use and do not meet a business’s needs for quality and features. With RazorLine, your calls do not travel across the Internet, they are on high-quality carrier lines and your service is feature-rich.
How can RazorLine improve our company’s communications system?
A PBX system manages the separate communications services and interconnects telephone services within the company to provide communication features to all users. A PBX often requires maintenance agreements for any charges, moves, or additions to the system and extra costs for materials and labor. A Hosted system operates communication services from a single provider instead of 3 or 4, offers hassle free service and online management with no maintenance agreement, advanced features, more flexibility of service, and cost efficiency.
Can I keep the same phone number(s) and calling features?
Yes. In addition to traditional call features like Caller ID, Voice Mail, conferencing, and intra-office calling, you can keep your same phone number(s) as well as benefit from extra features such as “unified messaging,” where voicemail and email are consolidated in a single inbox, “click to call,” instant moves, adds, or changes to the system, and many more.
Will voice quality ever seem “choppy”?
Voice quality is comparable to that of your existing phone service.
If my connection ever fails, will my phone system go down?
RazorLine’s objective is to minimize the possibility of service failure, however, a connection failure at any point in any network can cause the phone system to go down. But, unlike a traditional phone system, callers would still be able to reach your main number – plus, in such an event, each extension can be automatically forwarded to a designated number, such as a cell phone, home phone, or branch office.
How much does it cost?
RazorLine can design a specific communication system to fit your company’s needs and budget often for less than the cost of all of your services combined. Our goal is to provide you with the level of integrated communication that you need in the most cost effective way possible.
How long will it take to transfer the company’s communication services?
Once a T-1 line is installed in your office, all telecommunications can begin after the existing phone number has been transferred outside of business hours, with no changes to your phone numbers, extensions, email or web addresses. It’s as simple as plugging in a phone.
How do I know if RazorLine’s services are right for my company?
Please contact your local salesperson at 504-274-1700 in New Orleans, and at 225-214-4400 in Baton Rouge. You can also contact us toll-free at 877-733-1700. They will be happy to provide a free consultation and estimate for your business. You can also visit www.RazorLine.com for more information.

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