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Our leadership in Hosted services since 2003 provides you with the experience to achieve your goals in communications. The breadth in the types of companies we serve means we’ve created the solutions you may also be seeking including Contact Center and integration with Microsoft Teams. Multi-state companies utilize our network of dedicated fiber providers to achieve integrated voice and data services.

Our Services

Financially Sensible

Companies hire RazorLine to accomplish the goal of communications. We know the technology as well as the business use of our system and work with you to incorporate all the parts you need into your business. Mechanics, electricians, plumbers, engineers, architects, IT consultants are all used because we would probably spend more and still not accomplish the job if we tried to do their specialties on our own. As this wonderful tool becomes more robust, the level of complexity also advances. Is learning enough to take advantage of all current systems the best use of your time? Or is it time to use a company that already knows this technology and can help you to use it to your advantage and benefit?

Converged Systems

To calculate what you currently spend on communications how many vendors would you have to search? That’s how many functions we do: from local service to long-distance, meet-me-conferencing, video conferencing, training and service, hardware, call recording, wireless service, internet, and private data networks. By converging all those into one provider, the savings can be dramatic.

You can implement voice services over the existing Ethernet wiring in your building. Built-in Ethernet switches in the phones provide phone and workstation connectivity over a single cable.

No Big System to Buy

There is no large capital outlay for Hosted IP PBX systems, which lowers your initial investment needed to upgrade your communication system. RazorLine even offers plans to totally eliminate any upfront costs.

Predictable Expenses

A flat monthly fee per user allows you to manage your business telecom expenses. The fixed monthly fee covers all the charges related to all of the aforementioned services. You’ll have no surprises for service calls or extra training because we cover everything in the low monthly fee. With one call you’ll have unlimited support and customer service to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of your telephone system.

Unprecedented Customer Service

By receiving your voice and data from one provider, you have just one number to call for assistance. System management is our responsibility freeing you from expensive procedures and staff required to solve system problems on site. We react instantly to make necessary changes, provide training for new employees, and introduce new features and benefits we’re always adding.

Multiple Locations

RazorLine can serve all your locations on the same platform making your diverse company seem like one office. You can use your company’s resources more effectively by making them all available to anyone calling any office.

The Technology

Our Carrier-class system ensures your communications will survive even if your office might not.

Reliable Services

Professionally Hosted

Relieve yourself of the burden of being the expert in telecommunications. The industry has created every imaginable feature and benefit, but like every other aspect of technology, how do you learn enough about it to make it a useful tool. We’re not only experts in the technology, but we also know how to make it work for your business. We continue to work with you to incorporate all the system features available into your operations to make you more productive and efficient.

We constantly monitor all aspects of the system and identify problems before they can escalate and impact your business. With communications being a critical element of any business trust it to the experts with the skills and knowledge to handle it properly. This allows you the time and resources for the success of your business.

Disaster – Proof Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster affecting your physical office location your calls will still be answered because the RazorLine system is safe and operating. Continue to operate your business with instant, automatic, pre-configured disaster recovery. Incoming calls reach you and your staff anywhere even if your office is out of commission. The RazorLine System is a carrier-class, completely redundant system located in a secure facility with multiple connections to telephone and internet networks. You receive high-level security that few businesses can afford.

Guaranteed Call Capacity

Free yourself from worrying about how many incoming lines your business has to buy to avoid busy signals. Our Cloud Communication system, using a secure broadband connection delivers as many voice communications as you need. Even if you receive more calls than you have people to answer them our system will automatically send those calls to other locations or at least answer the call and allow the caller to leave a voicemail.

Virtually Un-interruptible Service

In the event of local access line failures, calls to the business and individual extensions are automatically routed to any pre-configured destination – a cell phone, home phone, voicemail, or another remote office. Plus, from any web browser, you can easily modify the call routing to alternate locations. This is a critical difference from traditional systems where local line failures would mean you are out of business.

Free Service and Training

As your partner in all things telephonically we want to make sure you have the benefit of all our resources whether technological or personal. Our staff is eager to help you innovate and become more productive.

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